Risk Management

Subcontractor Pre-Qualification

Collier Construction believes that the best way to mitigate risk on any job is to assemble the proper team before the work starts. This begins with an extensive pre-qualification process that is mandatory for any subcontractor bidding on a project. This questionnaire covers safety, financials, experience, insurance and understating of the subcontract agreement. Each subcontractor must meet Collier Construction’s minimum requirements. A sample of this form can be found on our website.



The safety of employees, subcontractors, the public and anyone involved in our work is the upmost priority of this business. The goal of returning home the same way you came to work is our goal every day. Collier Construction requires that before any person enters a jobsite enters, they must participate in a safety orientation specific to the project and individual trade hazards. At this time, this individual must present his OSHA 10 hr card and any other relevant certifications. Additionally, before any subcontractor can begin work, his company must create a job specific safety manual. Once on the job, safety toolbox talks and job hazard analysis (JHA) are shared activities between a Collier Construction representative and Subcontractor. Safety awareness is an ever evolving part of this business and thus Collier Construction continually keeps up to date with advances.



Collier Construction realizes the concerns owners have about making sure their contractor and subcontractors have the appropriate coverage. We maintain requirements higher than industry standards. Our subcontractors must also adhere to these requirements. For individual projects, we collaborate the owner’s contract requirements with our broker to make sure we meet these requirements. Upon request we can provide a sample insurance certificate. On certain projects, we may suggest additional coverage in the owners’ best interest such as builders risk, owners’ protective policy and owner controlled insurance policy (OCIP).