Retail Projects


Panera Bread – Multiple Remodels:  In collaboration with Shaw Contracting and Footprint Retail Services, Collier has provided pre-construction, project management and construction assistance to multiple Panera Bread remodel rollouts.  The majority of the construction was completed after hours in existing stores.

Owner: Panera Bread / Footprint Retail Services / Shaw Contracting

Architect: Answers, Inc

Jurisdiction: various

Cost: various

Completion Time(s): 2 nights to 3 weeks

Completion Date: 2015 thru 2017



Crystal Run Galleria – Ruby Tuesday Door Replacement:  Collier Construction provided construction services for an exterior improvement to the Ruby Tuesday back entrance Pyramid Mall’s Crystal Run Galleria location.

Owner: Pyramid Mall / Crystal Run Galleria

Architect: n/a

Jurisdiction: n/a

Cost: $5,000

Completion Time: 2 weeks

Completion Date: 2016