4 Phases in the life of a construction project

The following pages illustrate the 4 main phases in the life of a construction project, with the major activities described. Regardless of the contractual relationship established, Collier Construction will deliver a professionally managed project with safety, finance, timeliness and quality at the forefront.



The vision for your project is created in the developmentstage. At this point, you are selecting your site, creating overall budgets, establishing project timelines, seeking regulatory approvals, evaluating plan designs, etc.
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plans, hands, pencil and calculator


DuringPreconstruction, the plans are usually 25% to 100% developed. You are now finalizing your regulatory approvals and focusing more on the actual building process. If not selected in the development phase, a CM is usually chosen now.
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In a typical project, the plans are complete at the Constructionstage. Subcontractors are selected and materials are procured.
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Congratulations! You have achieved occupancy. Your vision has been realized and the focus is running your business. Even though the project is complete, we are still available to make sure your building is operating smoothly.
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